Pandora`s Box

Pinhole camera has no viewfinder, no clear mechanism for rewinding. The process of shooting is intuitive and allows you to document what is happening as impartially as possible. People in these pictures belong to different countries of the former Yugoslavia. After the collapse of the state a lot of blood was shed and new dotted lines appeared on the political map of the world. Different ethnic groups, once belonged to a closely related culture now are held hostage to political divisions. In the photographs we can`t see faces of these people, but they look same blured, we do not hear their speech, but the differences in language are formal, most of them still speak the same language.

The installation is an object, reminds the mythological «Pandora's box». The structure of my box is little inverted: at the bottom- there are portraits of people from different states in the Balkans, who belong to various confessions. We do not see their faces and we can`t identify the ethnic and religious affiliation. "Troubles and contention» get out of the box as soon as we open the cover. They represent a long text with excerpts from various media, which cited statistics on the Balkan conflicts for the last half century.