We live in a very unstable world order: wars, migrations, lack of ideas, meanings of life and pointless political games. 

A strange and rather curious tradition has formed In the Balkans: each item in the store is being packed into plastic bags. After every visit of the store or bakery, you can bring home up to 10 bags. But they are usually being thrown or lost. Balkan streets are inhabited with bags. They fly from city to city and cross the state borders. They do not need passports, they do not know queues and national intolerance, in the end, they do not need to pay the loans. It is surprising, the garbage, is freer than we are. In my sculptures I recreate a moment of transition, when migration of plastic bags stops. They are entangled in the trees, stuck in the fence or washed ashore.

This is a metaphor for gaining freedom through the rejection of the choice and the will, the dream and the sign of today's reality.